The Harlot under the Bridge

The harlot under the bridge Offered herself to me We made love Under the bridge As the homeless men watched I remember how she moaned And how the fish in the river Came to watch To this day I have always kept fish as pets

The Refugee that Comes at Night

It was a night like any other I walked back from the brothel My loins were calm and satisfied I got into a carriage Right after buying a newspaper It read “12,000 REFUGEES ARRIVING TODAY!” I thought of Africa And what the Witchdoctor had said to me that night The wind howled The carriage stopped outside my…

The Rat Breeder

scurry scurry my friends creep over the birdcage as the candle flickers i sense a faggot coming down the corridor i shall offer him some port wave my top hat and then out you shall pour until his bones can be used to stir my cauldron scurry my rats scurry until the feast is done…

Little Robin

Oh little robin Why must I be betrayed? The darkness is creeping And yet I am not afraid? How shall I survive when the trees are all gone? I shall find thine shadow And then, shall hit the gong