Mr. Oak

And the leaves fell from the mighty oak And I said to him, “Mr. Oak, why do drop your belongings?”   “Well child,” he replied “They become too heavy to carry”   And I said to him, “Well Mr.Oak, why collect them in the first place?”   He then took his branch and struck me with it “Foolish question, my child!”   I knew not … Continue reading Mr. Oak

The Turtle

The little boy stared at the pond the clear water he saw the fishes swimming the turtle lay dormant at the bottom   He licked his lolly the rainbow colored treat scrumptious and sweet he looked into the pond the fish were gone   the turtle looked at the boy “Why have you no bread?” the boy replied “I have no bread because I have … Continue reading The Turtle

BREAKING: Jesus Was White!

Recent findings from researchers in Israel have further proven an already widely-believed fact: Jesus was white. Jedediah Rawles from Arkansas, an avid church-goer and “follower of fuckin’ Jesus” led the research team. “Yup, Jesus is white. I saw him last night. I was with some buds and I passed out. Woke up and saw fuckin’ Jesus.” When asked about his surroundings during the experience, Rawles … Continue reading BREAKING: Jesus Was White!